BoiLeD BooKs in a nutshell…

I design each page to create lovely color and pattern using
fresh leaves, flowers, seeds, and other natural elements.

On special paper, I lay out each plant element then sandwich close with another paper sheet.

The papers are held together with an apparatus and boiled for several hours.

Then, I peel off the plant elements and, voilà,
the papers emerge from the process stained with enchanting beauty…each piece unique.

Of course, the process is not as easy as it sounds!
Just like in other art mediums, when combining colors you can easily get mud. 😎

I have spent many years researching, experimenting, and discovering how to pull out the natural colors and impressions of a variety of plant elements.

There are a number of variables including the geographic region where plants are grown, the type of soil they grow in, and the time of year they are harvested.

The results are all natural, untouched, and beautiful!

My collection includes journals, stationery, and wall art,
each piece one-of-a-kind!



Thank You to Walt Disney World for having BoiLeD BooKs be part of our second

EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival!

I am in great gratitude to our EPCOT Festival Family of Cast Members that supported my team through another successful event! And…of course, we are extremely honored to meet such lovely guests and love that they have taken my art home with them to so many places around the world! Thank you for connecting with me and welcoming my art into your lives!