Going Global

Sunkissed Mermaid

Breakaway with me ~ Adventuring into the global scene is going to be a fabulous journey! My crazy artsy spirit – tangled wings and all – is ready to soar again and explore the unknown with one goal…spread the opportunity for everyone, yes – everyone, to activate their creative side. It’s still in there!

Art is Entertaining, Releasing, and even Explosive!

My style…Breakaway!

Breakaway from the traditions, the formal, the expectations of a finished piece and invite your self-expression to, well, EXPRESS itself!!!

The Art Blooms Design Divas and Paint Dudes are getting in gear to facilitate our journey…online art activities with a website marketplace to complement. Breakaway painting for Art Journaling and Canvas Mixed Media projects will lead the way.

I’m so excited! I can feel the world opening and the sun shining in!

Rachelle @ Art Blooms

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