What I Learned at Monsters University

Renee's Seussy HouseFresh off the eve of a family outing to the drive-in movies, I just now realize that the adventure has taught me more than just the need to assign car seats for the kids the next time we think sitting in a van not going anywhere for 2 hours is a “great family outing.”

So as Kyle and Brett are climbing over each other, putting seat backs down, pushing the bench back and forth, removing head rests, etc, Mike and Sully are creatively taking Monsters University by storm and giving new meaning to “go big.”

Sully and Mike, as we know from enjoying Monsters, Inc, (one of my all time favorite movies…doors to different worlds – fabulous) become successful on the “scare floor” of Monsters, Inc and even reinvent the whole corporation’s mission in the process. Scream energy is overpowered by laughter. Monsters University showed me that through creative thinking, hard work, perseverance, and working together, getting expelled from school merely produced an unexpected turn in the journey to their dreams. Not that I think getting expelled from school is positive, but the heart and magnitude of enthusiasm for achievement, was to be admired. Oh how I wish Sully and Mike could be the inspiration that my boys need to do their chore lists!

As I continue to create and put in place the official launch of our global enterprise, I had this insane idea that I could also go back to school and get a second master’s degree. This one in Fine Arts –  a degree that would put me back in a classroom, although on the college level as a full professor not an adjunct, and hence provide financial stability, insurance, retirement, etc, blah, blah, blah. As wonderful as that security sounds, I have moved so far beyond the traditional that the idea of going back to grad school again, even for art, hurts my brain.

Its not the additional degree that I need, but a team of people that think and function practically and are in creative synchronicity with me. They will become “my posse of peeps” (thanks, Sarah!) and learn what they need to as supporting members of this family team launching Art Blooms into the world.

So, as I start to put together a team that envisions big things for Art Blooms, and works collaboratively to achieve them, I can’t help but hope that my two youngest “monsters” will learn from the group. In fact, if we all come together and work, we may even discover how to sit 6 comfortably in the van the next time we get the bright idea of going to the drive-in.

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