Sunshine and Art

Sunshine and Art

Fleur Fairy

We have landed in Florida! After a whirlwind move – within 17 days we decided to move from NC, found a charming little house to rent, closed the NC studio, and returned to our sunny home in Lakeland. What a transition!

So, along with getting the kids set up for homeschooling, hubby set up job hunting, I am busy setting up my new art studio and making an artistic way to inspire creative souls in this area. I have learned so much from Art Blooms in NC and want to build on that experience.

The last couple of weeks have seen many heart filled tears as I have said “good-bye” to my rising artists; children and adults I have come to love for many reasons besides their openness to my whimsical and wild teaching ways. My family and I have been embraced by so many that the hours of blood, sweat, and tears spent building Art Blooms was more than worth the sacrifice of my 117 hour work weeks.

My professional career is also making a transition from teaching in a physical space to an online virtual studio, I will continue to invite creatives, inspire their imaginations, and mentor their growth. It is the next part of my journey and I look forward to seeing all the wondrous creative spirit in the global audience we shall address.

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