Go With What You Know!

An artsy mess!
An artsy mess!

Here I am in sunny Florida – and yes, sunny is the key word – and I am trying to reinvent myself, grasping at straws, at anything to make ends meet after having to dissolve my quasi-successful business in NC. Quasi-successful meaning that financially it tanked, but we impacted a lot of lives… inspired them to be creative or at least look at life more creatively then they did before.

So, since we moved, I’ve been reflecting, qualifying, and even grieving over what has just happened and how to move forward. It donned on me today that the adage, “go with what you know” is what I need to move forward with.

I create. I teach. I inspire. I journey. “I, I, I, and I” it looks like, but the difference is that I do all of those to enhance others’ lives. The validation of the successful part of my art business in NC is that my groups, the people I have inspired, the ones that prior to us meeting didn’t create, or at least not regularly and consistently, are continuing. They are meeting on their own and drawing inspiration from each other. They are seeking out art experiences and embracing them. They are embracing the creative expression seed that was planted.

They are, in essence, a legacy and that inspires me to go forward in my journey with what I know.

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