Gypsy Life in the Sun & The Fancy Flea

The Fancy Flea Pic

So excited that The Fancy Flea is tomorrow! Since we moved back to Lakeland, so many people have told us that I need to have my art at The Fancy Flea. “What?!” I would ask. A flea market wasn’t exactly the kind of venue I was hoping my art would fit!

As it turns out, The Fancy Flea is anything but a flea market. Apparently there is quite a following, “occult” following a few have even said. Its a market full of artists and artisans, upcyclers and recyclers, presenting their amazing creativity in furniture make-overs, home decor, and gifts. Plus, there’s a lot of food trucks – the other trend that is sweeping the area.

I am winding down my creating and wrapping up the packing for our adventure. Chris and I will start out around 5:30 AM to set up our temporary shop at the Strawberry Festival Fairgrounds in Plant City, a place full of memories from when the kids were little where we ate chocolate covered strawberries and petted lots of farm animals. A time before we actually had our own hobby farm in NC. A time not so long ago that seems like lifetime ago.

Tomorrow we are excited to make new memories, talk to tons of new people, hopefully sell lots of art to go out into the world – I now have pieces that have gone to Paris (oh how I wish I could have hand delivered), Australia, Egypt, South America, and several branches of the military – and enjoy a culture of art in a temporary community of artists.

I’m loving this gypsy life in the sun!!!

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