Blogging Should be…

EASY!!! If only I could relay my thoughts to the computer while I’m in the shower, driving down the road, those minutes before drifting off to sleep, or at the height of a really good drink! I am writing all the time…in my head…and I can’t seem to find the time to get to my laptop and type those words before the fleeting thoughts fly away.

Today, I came across through

Stephanie Cant‘s FB post on the Flying Lessons: The Whole Shabang eBook Group  page and thought I need to thank her for coming up with a group idea to motivate those of us in the same boat as artists…focusing on the creating to improve and on the blogging to share. So, Stephanie, I’m in! 101 paintings (mine may be mixed media) and blogs in 101 days. Whew! I’m excited…game on!!!

Be True



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