Artists 101 Challenge…Day 1 Boiling Creativity

Artists 101 Challenge…Day 1 Boiling Creativity

Today is the first day of the 101 Challenge!!! It is so exciting to be a part of a group that has taken on this commitment to growing artistically and building our businesses globally. The energy that is flowing through this group is absolutely amazing and it just goes to show how a spark can start fire…and this is a group on fire!

Set your Life on Fire.

Seek those who fan your flames.


Art 101: Artists Supporting Artists…fanning flames…daily!


101 Challenge…Day 1

Boiled Books Drying

I boiled books! Now I boil books about 3 times a week since that is the main part of my business but today I was more conscientious of my designs. Usually I have such a short attention span that I don’t work in any one medium for extended continuous time periods, but boiling books is different. I love the eco art aspect of preserving the essence of life found in flowers and foliage after their beauty has been enjoyed in nature or in an arrangement.

I love that my color instruments are flowers and my end piece becomes something of function…that the beauty of nature captured in this paper form inspires the recipient to create, to write, to draw, or dream.

I have been up “arting” since 7 AM this morning and I am looking at a late night creating with excitement! Besides boiling books, I have handstitched a few journals, prepped fresh Henna paste, experimented with paper wrapped pens that will be added to my Boiled Book line, and played with some Henna designs. Now I am going to pull out my drawing pencils and work on a sketch… my vintage camper vision that is to be my new mobile studio. Now, Day 1 Challenge begins!

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