Art Journal LaughMy new word…Laugh! I know, it’s not “new…I have said it a million times or so, but somehow when I saw it sewn on a pillow it just spoke to me.

One of the things I haven’t done enough of in the past few years is laugh. I have spent so much time managing…managing my business, my family, my life…just to get through the days that I feel like I have forgotten how to enjoy and how to laugh.

It’s silly really. When I sign off on emails and texts, cards, and even sales receipts, I sign”Enjoy.” Always wishing others time to play in life but never taking the time myself.

So thanks to a pillow, I am now trying to remember to laugh. I know the world goes by too fast. I know the kids are growing too fast. I know that one day the kids will outgrow their home with us and that will come too fast, so right now I have to remember to Live in the Moment and Laugh…sounds like I need an intuitive painting session to create that message and hang it somewhere in this spinning world where it’ll stop me in my tracks daily.


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