Yo Ho, The Library!

Library Books

So on my “borrowed book shelf” today are some powerful words that I am feeling inspired by! I am in regal training to be the Queen of My Own Life (Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff) and have used it for the current arc in my art journaling classes. I am learning, always learning, from Oprah in her What I Know for Sure. I fell in love with the philosophy of Ken Robinson in an old TED Talk I recently rewatched and had to get The Element. I am infatuated with the idea of Seven Thousand Ways to Listen by Mark Nepo and can’t wait to start it, and then, of course, 50 Modern Artists You Should Know is the basically the Cliff Notes version of all the art books that I have so the kids can easily pick artists to study for the next several months.

The best thing…there’s deadlines for me to return them! I may renew them the 2 allowable times, but still I am forced to carve out moments of my day to take a break, to bury myself in the words of these published pros. The books I buy may sit on my shelf, becoming more of a reference then an escape. Library books are providing me minutes of a vacation that refresh me for the rest of the day.

My family and I recently renewed our love for the library since we moved back here to Lakeland and we are having a ball! Between borrowing movies like “Grease” (oh my, dated from MY childhood and its considered classic!) and enjoying them once again with our next generation, to borrowing books like The Secret Life of Bees (Sue Monk Kidd) and embracing them for English Lit in homeschooling, I have once again found the beauty of the library!

The kids are amazed that there is no limit to how many books they can get out! When they were little that meant getting a ton of picture books and racing through them. Now, they are reserved in that limitless boundary. Picking one or two at a time, they are savoring the words, following authors, engaging in series that, whether they find adventurous, humorous, or boring, are happy to have had the experience.

I love the eco friendly and, of course, the financial benefit. I love the fact I can still hold a book, a real book, turn the pages and yet be kind to the environment as that one book will be ready by dozens, maybe even hundreds more. Financially its great for books like The Uncollege Alternative that has ideas about gap year and alternative professions in ecology and art, all things my future college bound 10th grader is interested in at the moment.

Then, of course, there’s community. The library used to be thought of as one of the central parts of a community. Now with online access and chain bookstores around, it is not usually the first place people go to for their reading pleasure or business resources. I know in NC, it wasn’t for me. We were lucky to have a locally owned book store down from my art studio in Shelby, Fireside Books – check them out if you are ever up that way, and it was convenient to pop in there on a break. Here in Lakeland, it’s the library that holds that charm and…I don’t have to worry about getting rid of more books as I down size to fit in my Tiny House Dream…but that’s a discussion for another blog.

So my big question…have you embraced your local library recently? I guarantee you, your library card packs a powerful punch.




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