The Clairvoyant in my Chaos

The Clairvoyant in my Chaos

SO…I have been searching for that third eye about my art and my journey. What is it? Where is it coming from? What do I hope to accomplish? I am living an artful life, but still missing an unexplainable element.

Enter Tracy Riordan, my gorgeously intuitive, amazing friend from high school- a confidant, a forever friend -that I am honored to have. She is a clairvoyant in this quest for my passion needing substance. A grounding.

Tracy is sifting through my chaos and in a short time has developed a vision, a really clear vision, to take my dream to an achievable level. You see, I have been too close. I know what I am trying to do, but so distracted with life, the daily things. I had lost sight of the fact that with some tweaking and focus, my daily things can become part of the greater picture, more than mere survival.

As the days move forward, keep watching for more of my “true” to surface. I am honing in on mindfulness and being present. Instead of spending time clearing the way, I am forging through the jungle of chaos and building my path for creating to inspire. It’s a “cobblestone” path being designed with stones of affirmations. Tracy is laying the cobblestones with me.

Thanks Tracy!




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  1. How lucky to have such a friend. I’ve been having very similar feelings about my journey. It’s true that we our way to close sometimes to see what is so clear to others. Looking forward to your “true”. 🙂

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