The Pop Art Mobile

Vintage Trailer drawing

I’ve had this dream for the last five years or so, but I actually think its been brewing for decades…a vargo, a gypsy wagon, a vintage camper… something that moves to house my studio. I want to roam places and inspire the people I meet.

The PoP ART Mobile is the work-in-progress reality to that dream. Written up in a proposal years ago, my mobile studio has been evolving, cooking so to say, and is close to its final stages of being ready to roll – into funding that is. Once funding materializes, it will be ready to go under construction and then roll literally.

Where will it be rolling? Well, definitely around the country! With close attention being paid to seasons and weather, my plan is to take The PoP ART Mobile to different parts of the US, participating in art shows and providing creative experiences all around. Starting out locally, I will be using it as my art studio and intimate classroom inviting a small group to enjoy risk-free creative expression. Then we will move to participating in healing retreats, art extravaganzas, and local creative events in small towns in Florida and beyond.

Inside I imagine shelves full of art candy: gelli plates, paints, inks, canvases, art journals, and more, a sink, freezer full of gourmet popsicles for everyone to enjoy, a table for a small indoor group of creatives or place to write my “Paint in the Pantry” blog, and, of course, a stove for BoiLing BooKS! Outside amidst billowing curtains and surrounded by twinkle lights, a relaxed atmosphere with tables under a tent will inspire us to create to our heart’s content.

In the last three years, I have learned so much about mental illness and depression, so my target audience is those who are looking for a vehicle to metal wellness. No, I am not an art therapist, but I definitely have spent years providing art therapy for many, many people; adults, teen, and children alike.  From the overwhelmed parent and the displaced worker to the teen burdened with pressures to the graceful older generation, a form of art will be available for your momentary escape.

For the ones looking for a hobby and a passion, The PoP ART Mobile will have its unique appeals.

I also will be providing an art outreach program for those that do not have the opportunity to create or cannot manage the funds for participation in other offered programs. Through the help of grants, benefactors, art councils, and organizations, people of all ages will be able to dabble in the realm of art to release their stressors and discover themselves.

The PoP ART Mobile will be seen as a respite site. Whether for one time entertainment, weekend workshops, or weekly classes, it will greatly engage its guests and inspire wellness. Plus, pop-up art is just way cool!


Notes… I am in the process of building my Kickstarter campaign and am in need of a videographer and a vintage trailer for photo ops. If you have any information about either of those or any thing else you would like to share please email through the contact page on this site. I hope to have the Kickstarter campaign up and running mid February and it will last 30 days. Keep an eye out! Thanks!

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