Almost Not Humanly Possible!

Almost Not Humanly Possible!

Beacon of Light WIP
Beacon of Light (Work in Progress)

I have been working on my January class schedule for a couple of months now. It is one of those things that I had great intentions to finalize before the holidays but never did. I didn’t really worry about it because we usually don’t get too busy around the holidays. But then, this is the first year my teenagers have very, very close friends, and our holidays turned into a mini season of “Survivor” with chauffeuring challenges as the biggest obstacles to staying sane.

Alas, it’s January 6th, and my January schedule is now published. My personal calendar has so many changes I can hardly read it, so when I looked at the published version ready to email to clients and pass out around town, I was shocked. It seems like it should not be humanly possible to accomplish all that is on it, along with all that is not publicly published…all day Wednesdays teaching art at an alternative school for teen girls, Thursdays are taken with a six week stint teaching art to teen moms, and two Fridays at a memory care facility, etc. Plus, I have to create the art for my market, shops, and the shows I have starting again in February, boil books for my online store and markets, and create samples for classes in February and March. Oh, yes, and I still have three kids to homeschool!

It may sound like I am complaining or venting. Actually I am not. What stopped me in my tracks when I looked at that primly printed flyer is that…This is what I do; I overextend, I get away from my focus, I don’t say “no.” Being an artist, and the sole bread winner for our family of six, I do what I need to do. Like so many of you, I do what is “almost” not humanly possible. I somehow manage to work over 100 hours a week, and still go to Disney almost once a week. I somehow go to bed at 3 and get up at 6, and still manage to sip a glass of wine while doing paperwork without falling asleep.

My point…most everyone I talk to is crazy busy, except one of my friends. She has a chronic illness that is potentially life threatening and she can’t be crazy busy. She has to be calm, nurture herself, chill…all the time…or the consequences could be severe. I love her attitude toward life…she is enjoying it, with her young daughter, while she can. It’s not often that I get to chill with her, but when I can, it is so enjoyable to listen to her. She simply just doesn’t get caught up in the craziness of life. She has invited us for snacks and hot beverages on Thursday afternoon, to cozy up, sit, chat, and play board games for a little while the Florida cold visits that day. Just the idea of chilling with her for an hour or so warms my soul.

My husband is also one of those people that is not crazy busy because of an illness. His condition is less understood and even less accepted. Three years ago, after a severe heart event due to 95% blockage in his right coronary artery, a heart stint surgery saved his life. When he returned to work, two days before he was told to by the doctor, he lost his job of 14 years. January 20th will mark the third anniversary of his life being saved. January 30th will mark the third anniversary of the beginning of his battle with depression that resulted after his heart event and his job loss 10 days later.

So, no, I am not complaining or venting. I am blessed. I am blessed to be able to do what is “almost” not humanly possible. I have the physical strength, the mental ambition, the empowerment to do what I am passionate about, and “almost” support my family. (Thank goodness for help while I am rebuilding my art business after moving back to FL.)

I also am blessed because the last three years, even though most of it has felt like hell, I have not only found a truer sense of myself, but I have found a truer sense of my husband, my family, and the world around. I have found that not only can I inspire others to create and have fun making art, but that art is healing. It is a vehicle to wellness.

Through doing what is “almost” not humanly possible, I unearthed my intention for the year…to cause a Revolution!  This is powerful! Last year my word was “Next” and within 2 weeks, we closed up my retail art studio, downsized by 50%, and moved to Florida.

This is a good Revolution. All through 2014, my journey continued to lead me to healing with art. That is a direction I started to go in just after my husband’s situation occurred, but this past year has really submerged me in it. I wish to call upon the healing energies of art to help people who seek wellness, to travel with people who are lost, to build up the people who have fallen.

My Revolution means this…Living on Purpose, Creating to Inspire, Being a Catalyst to Evolve Humankind.


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