Finally Gone Crazy

Finally Gone Crazy

Call of the Diva

So, yes, our kids are thinking we are a little bonkers. Our husbands just roll their eyes. Those Damn Dazzling Divas of Art and Dining are just getting started!

I have come to the realization that I have been playing it constrained, subdued, not really taking the leap of faith to fulfill my destiny. Just like so many others, we have had tremendously rough times in the last few years, but, you know what…we are bigger than those times.

It dawned on me recently that the old adage “misery loves company” was being played out all around me. From an online art class community right down to my own home. I can see where it is important to have support in those feelings, kindred spirits in those situations, but OMG, we need to laugh too!

I found a friend, a business partner, who has made her way through the tough and stands in the light. It is amazing to be able to connect with someone and to share a vision from conception.

So the feelings I have had for the past few months that I was really losing it were, well, real! I did lose it! I lost the ties around me holding me back. I lost the weight bearing down on me for being a victim of circumstances. I lost the guilt I felt for not being able to fix everyone else’s issues. I lost the battle to compensate for what was lost. I lost the inner critique that continued to self-sabotage.

Adios to all those losses…I feel refreshed, renewed, powerful, ready to conquer the world with paint, glitter, and most importantly, a passion to inspire all I meet!


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