Nomad Art Bus…a working inspiration!

Nomad Art Bus…a working inspiration!

Nomad Art Bus


I love messages from the Universe and yesterday I got a big one! My daughter, Renee, and I presented in an art show yesterday and directly across from our spaces was Nomad Art Bus…a mobile art studio!!! Woo Hoo!

It was awesome to see it in action, how it engaged the festival goers. The mobile studio drew them in and the coordinator, Carrie, invited them to create in preset spaces inside The Art Bus or even paint the outside of it! How cool is that!

Nomad Art Bus WIP

Of course, I had to go and chat with Carrie. She was a great inspiration to meet at this point in my mobile art studio journey. The Art Bus project is a non-profit organization and its main mission is as an outreach program.

Over the last few years, I have researched going the non-profit route. I am still researching. I already teach outreach programs through Polk Museum of Art and I have facilitated many outreach programs when I owned Art Blooms. The Pop Art Mobile will definitely continue my work with these groups, but…I want to do even more!

The Pop Art Mobile will go into areas of need and provide relief from everyday woes, inspire creative thinking, and engage people in an activity that has the potential to encourage a change in attitude.

Non-profit organizations are fabulous but limiting, and those of you who know me personally, know that I cannot be limited!

There’s a wide open road ahead and The Pop Art Mobile is going to take it head on!!!

Enjoy some of the fabulous pictures of the The Nomad Art Bus. They are located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Please consider helping us fund The Pop Art Mobile!


Nomad Art Bus

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