IMG_8853At Midnight, I cut my hair…off! Really, it was time. Pulling it back was the only way to make it through the humidity loving frizz that had nested itself on my head. There’s only so many headaches one can endure from wearing clips and ties before taking scissors to the mess is the only relief.

At 7AM, I woke with an ocean breeze…however vicarious since I am in Lakeland – Central Florida. My son, however, was enjoying a morning run on the beach with his team before starting a tennis filled day at camp, which happens to be on Hilton Head Island.

At noon, I wrapped up the editing for my newest online art class…only to discover that I did not have enough memory on my Mac to process the export to cyber world. Hmphh…I guess you can tell what I did the rest of the day. Let’s just say by 6PM, my Mac trash was emptying over 16,000 files. It finished up around 10:30PM.

The significance of the day…focus. My short attention span and my mind of vibrant dreams have been battling for a while now; years even. Things are happening though, enough that I am getting comfortable in pushing the boundaries (never had a problem doing that part before!) in the direction of my climb.

So now, at 11:30 PM, I wrap up my day with My Reflection of Gratitude for my Focused (on being true to my self) Dream Chasing World I have moved into…purple gypsy wagon soon to follow.

My Reflection of Gratitude to follow dreams…lost and found. With unending support, encouragement, I have wings keeping me aflutter; sometimes they are not my own. Often they are from the one I love; and often from the one who gave me flight. I am grateful for their vision when sometimes mine is clouded. Why do I so easily fight it when I know what I am heading out to do? Am I fearful of making it? Am I fearful of reaching the dream and the journey ending? No…that I know is not the reason, for my dreams have no end, my spirit has no boundaries, their support has no limit.

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