In Focus…Day Three

In Focus…Day Three

Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 9.09.09 PMI am not sure how long I’ll be counting the days in my claim to take back my life. It is, in fact, the way I intend to live, but in these early days of my rejuvenated self, I am proudly marking the steps. In Focus sums up the journey; I’m in focus, my career is in focus, my world is in focus.

I have made the claim, figured out the light I have shines out, and now I am cleansing…my studio. More than a purge, it is a physical act of opening space and a mindful act of purpose.

Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 9.43.47 PMIt is so hard to part with equipment, pieces, materials, I bought and used in my retail art studio. I remember when I got everything! Originally solely a paint your own pottery studio, I remember how I was so excited to bring in glass fusing. It supported the “& More” part of the studio name and opened up the door to evolving into an art studio in addition to an entertainment venue.

Today, my wonderful glass kiln and equipment moved on to a wonderful novice glass artist who is so excited to spread her wings and nurture her creative spirit in her own space. The fabulous woman who bought my large kiln, felt the same way.IMG_1376

So as hard as it is to part with these pieces that built the foundation to my professional artist life, I feel a cleansing effect. These pieces no longer sit and stare at me in my studio, wandering when I will have time to enjoy them and these artists have wonderful pieces of equipment that has the Art Blooms vibe running through their core.

This cleansing will take a little while, as there are many more pieces of Art Blooms NC to rehome, but I feel the breath of freshness that is overcoming my studio. The openness of space opening possibility. The thought of them being loved by women empowered to create, inspires me to stay the course… focused on my journey.

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