Rose Colored Glasses

Rose Colored Glasses

IMG_9528Since my change of mindset that exploded on Sunday, I have made a conscious effort to speak from the positive perspective. I always have when I talk to people about their art and when working in a team.

In fact, I remember one professional development workshop years ago when I was teaching fourth grade, an outside coordinator told me she could tell I was an elementary school teacher because I responded to every situation we were faced with the positive rather than what was going wrong and I continually encouraged everyone in my group.

Somewhere along the line those “cup half full” responses stopped translating into my home life. Whether it was raising the kids, or talking with Hubby, I always felt I was short on time and that what had to be improved had to be addressed instead of what was working being acknowledged.

I have made a conscientious shift this week though. From everything to reminding my youngest to sweep the floor so “it would shine” rather than “because it looks awful” to announcing that “the hole in our bedroom ceiling was finally leaking rain so now I don’t feel left out” (since three other bedroom ceilings have leaked this week).

And you know what? It doesn’t take any more time to notice that the cup is half full than it does to look at it as if it is half empty. It just takes a different filter to speak through. Like my son said to me last week…”If you just wore rose colored glasses, you would be so much happier.” I am trying, Brett, and it seems to be working, even when I take the shades off.

Sweet Colorful Dreams everyone!!!


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