Vowing to go Single

Vowing to go Single

No…I am still happily married…26 years in August in fact.

Boy, was I a young bride!

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I am vowing to single task. I ran across this book Singletasking: Get More Done One Thing at a Time by Devora Zack and glanced through some pages. The catch line is “Your mind can’t be two places at once.” Always proud to be a multi-tasker extraordinaire, I became the queen of doing everything, better than “good enough” (cannot stand that phrase) but still not enough. It just never was enough.

So, instead of putting out fires everyday; instead of trying to get little bits of things accomplished on many different things through the day, I have spent this week single tasking. And oh my, completion feels so good!

My planner still looks like a disaster and I have sooo many things written down that I have not done, but I have organized my day differently. I start my major or main focus of the day when I get up in the morning and work on it until its done. “Done” may be a phase of pause until the next day either because I have to go to the printers to finish, or it could be because I have actually finished the task. Then I spend time doing the short quick things on my planner for the day. I’ll work on emails, social media, cropping photos, etc with a goal in mind…things needed to propose a class to a new studio or prepping wholesale account packets. These are tasks that can go on and on, but now have a theme that I try to stick with. When I finish with that topic, I move away from emails, social media, other time mongers and head onto another task.

In life, I singletasked (is that really a verb?) too. I ate at the table instead of at my computer or my studio table. I enjoyed mornings on the porch with a cup of tea instead of saying I was having a cup of tea while I worked and saw it 12 hours later untouched. I worked with the kids on school…really, gave them my undivided attention and everything…just like I did when they were younger and homeschooling. I embraced the boxes of compartmentalizing and I don’t like corners.

This week I got a few projects done that are crucial to my business but I kept allowing myself to get distracted from finishing them. I centered myself; forced myself to stay on track by being alert to opportunities for going off in tangents and fighting them off. I felt like I had my “Art Warrior” suit on and was deflecting all the crap (for lack of a better word) that was being thrown at me.

Art Warrior

The concept of singletasking feeds into another philosophy that I love; instead of being an overachiever, be a super achiever. That’s a topic for another day, but I definitely am starting to see clarity in my day when as I am focusing on focusing! It is certainly helping me to reclaim my life.

I’m looking forward to reading Singletasking soon…when I can devote my complete attention to taking it all in and putting it to practice!


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