Finding a Place

Finding a Place

Art More Place

Many of you know how hard it was for me to close the doors to the physical location of Art Blooms in NC. Although I was so excited to return to Florida, to be closer to my parents, and enjoy the beautiful sun every day, I can’t help but feel a loss for all the wonderful friends we made through the studio, the community in which we grew, and the creative place I built with my all my being.

Art Blooms had grown into my art playground that everyone was invited to. I loved the way we were so much more than an entertainment venue, but a place for Art Blooms “groupies” to hang out, keep their favorite beverage in the fridge, and get wildly creative slinging paint or throwing paint around. Oh how I miss those splatter painted floors!

Today, for the first time since we closed the NC studio, I walked into a place so very close to what Art Blooms had evolved into…a studio that was a place for creatives to come together, share fellowship, open minds, and embrace each other’s trueness.

Art Blooms was my home for over four years. In the 19 months we’ve been gone, I have happily continued my Art Blooms vision as a solo artist; creating, teaching, inspiring, and traveling an artsy journey. But I have missed the essence of the community we built, often wondering where I now belong. Today, I finally feel that I have found a new creative home.

My new friends…tribe…at Art More Place must think I am crazy for how “ga-ga” I am over them. My old friends from Art Blooms can vouch for how crazy I am! I miss you all so much but carry with me the very personal support from each one of you as I carry Art Blooms on via my life as an artist and a creative.

Living an artsy life continues to ignite my passion and energize my soul. Blessed.

2 thoughts on “Finding a Place

  1. So glad we sat together. You have a wonderful spirit. We all felt the same way when we walked through the doors of AMP. Welcome home. You are right where you belong. Perfect fit! ❤️

    1. I just found this comment! I am sooo glad we sat together too! Everyone at AMP is such an inspiration and gave me that feeling of home as soon as I walked in the door like you said. I love your work and can’t wait to be “fearless” with you soon! Big hugs!

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