Luscious BoiL and Blog

Luscious BoiL and Blog

BoiLinG BooKs today was rushed because my morning got crazy and in the afternoon I had to get ready for three of my sweet After-School Art Kiddos to come to a special double class.



Here they are…

having their pizza at break time!

Aren’t they Cutie-Patooties?!




And here they are working on their

Altered BIG Books… so focused!

They are creating a

wonderful mixed media story

full of pictures and text!




Usually I am very zen when I design a page.

Today, not so much. I was very hyper…more than I naturally am.


Most of the time when I design like that, the pages turn out jumbled with no consistency through the book. However, tonight’s peeling of the flowers off the pages revealed beauty, truly magical fairy beauty!

Even when I took pictures, the wetness of the page created a shimmer.

Fairy Shimmer!


But with every rose comes a thorn.

So many of my pages ripped when I was peeling the red rose petals. Sometimes I have this issue and sometimes they peel off like a dream.

But alas, I don’t let any BoiLeD BooK pieces go to waste.

What cannot be used as book pages, will turn into greeting cards, book marks or backgrounds for my mixed media art.

Do you see the top of a woman’s face? The yellow leaves are her eyes and the purple petals are her eyebrows. The rest of the beautiful elements are her crazy lovely hair!



Here are some more pics of tonight’s BoiL. If you don’t know what a BoiLeD BooK is, please check out my page all about them at this link…BoiLeD BooKs!


Lastly about blogging. A couple of my art sisters today were all giddy about phone blogging. I never thought about that, so I just had to try! Since I type on my phone with my one finger, my pointer, I am usually teased by all those that see me. In my quiet studio I sat with my pointer finger going a mile a minute across the little keyboard, hitting the “i” when I needed to hit the “o”  ( I always do that!) and my cursor jumping from top to bottom and back, uncontrollably, during my attempt to add pictures. Mind you, I was in my studio and in front of my computer the whole time, so I quickly gave up and went back to working on my Mac.

Plus…I’m neurotic about layout, remember, and on my phone screen, I really couldn’t see how everything fits. My eyes feel old!

I did learn a few things though. Blogging always seems like such a big ordeal to me. I am neurotic about spacing and layout… a throwback to my old publishing and marketing days. Although, I think mainly it’s because the pictures that I want to share are usually not downloaded off my phone or camera yet. Sometimes, they’re not even taken yet, but I have an idea about them. It always seems like it is such a task to send the pics over to my computer via usb cable or emailing them to myself. Then I have to edit, crop, etc. Oh, how tiresome that all is!

The joy I found in phone blogging today is that I can add media from my phone to my website without having to go through the process of emailing them to myself or hooking up to my computer. This is actually pretty awesome!

It’s the little things, right?



7 thoughts on “Luscious BoiL and Blog

  1. The boiled papers are so delicious looking!
    Glad you got inspired by our little blogging discussion today. The phone posts are very different but it’s ease may just be what I need to get back into a blogging practice.
    And now I have a new place to visit too! ❤️

    1. You are a doll! I love seeing what you are up to and you inspire me daily! Yay, glad to visit yours too! I have had “get focused with blogging” in my planner for months now and it just keeps getting pushed to the next day. We can support each other…30 days until a habit is formed, right? By Halloween, we’ll be blogging like its second nature! Hugs!

  2. So glad to see your blog. It has been a learning curve today-not only realizing I don’t have to blog a monumental piece but understanding I enjoy these quick posts with pictures. I LOVE the boiled books and cannot wait to take the class. It may become and addiction!

    1. I love reading your blog too, Debra! Blogging has been something I have been wanting to spend more time with, but always find a reason not to. Adding the pics to my website via the phone is actually a huge help. Thanks for getting me inspired! Oh…and I am working on a BoiLeD BooK in a Box piece that I am going to post later!

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