BoiLeD BooK in a Box

BoiLeD BooK in a Box

Today I woke up with all sorts of ideas! Then I mistakenly went on Pinterest and added more. By the time I walked in my studio, my mind went blank as I stared at the 5 BoiLeD BooKs waiting to be finished. I love them, but I really was wanting to “create big” somehow today.

As I went through my stack of freshly BoiLeD lovelies, I found a couple that had ripped when I peeled the flowers off. I have been having trouble with the red rose petals releasing cleanly…in water too long, too short, allowed to cool down too much? I have to work on figuring that out.

So, since one of my mottos is to use as much of everything as possible, I decided it was time to make some mini BoiLeD BooKs. I usually make these around Valentine’s Day, plop them sweetly in small clear Chinese Take-Out boxes, tie them with a red ribbon, and “VoiLa” a cute little gift one can use for tiny love notes.

However, last week my local mixed media art sisters met and one brought a collection of matchbox art…cute little artsy boxes with even cuter artsiness inside.

So, instead of “create big” my morning led to “create tiny.”

Here’s what I did…

The Micro Accordion BoiLeD BooKIMG_1572

Making the book…

I took a 3.5″ x5.75″  piece of BoiLeD BooK paper and folded in half. I used to teach school so I instruct people on how to fold by using the “hot dog” and “hamburger” method.

Fold in half – hamburger style. Open it up and fold the hamburger sides again until they meet in the middle. Open and rotate your paper 9o degrees. Fold in half- hot dog style. Open it up and fold the hot dog sides again until they meet in the middle. I use a bone folder to get good creased folds.

Open up the paper and you will see 16 blocks were made with those folded lines.

Make sure  your paper is in front of you in a horizontal direction. Using a metal ruler as a straight edge, tear on right fold line down three blocks. Do not go all the way down. The fourth block still connects to the rest of the paper.

Do the same tearing procedure on the left line. Tear down on left fold line down three blocks. Again do not go all the way down. The fourth block still connects to the rest of the paper.

Flip paper over and tear down the middle fold line in the opposite direction of the right and left fold lines. Remember just to tear down three blocks. The fourth ones connect to the rest of the paper.

You now have an accordion trail to follow as you fold back and forth.

 Box time…

I have a gazillion match boxes left over from the time I decided to do candle making at Art Blooms in NC. Great idea…until I realized that I couldn’t tolerate all the smells. I set up all of our inventory, Chris converted deep fryers to wax melters, I had even fired pottery pieces I threw on the wheel for customers to use as lovely candle holders. Our candle making media offering lasted about 3 hours. It all came down and I think I gave everyone I knew candles for holiday presents that year.

Anyway…I have a gazillion match boxes so I grab one and set out to paint. I love mixing watercolors with white acrylic paint. That’s how I usually paint skin on my faces and tattoo style designs on my intuitive paintings. Because the match box is cardboard, watercolor would have been sucked in with a wet dirty look. By tinting watered down white acrylic paint with purple watercolor, I made a pretty lilac wash that covered the inside of the box nicely.

While the inside “drawer” of the box was drying, I covered the outside of the box with the BoiLeD BooK paper. Since I was using a scrap, I had to be a little creative to get full coverage of the box.

I tore a horizontal strip that would wrap around the box. With the box placed on the paper, I used the bone folder to mark lines with the edges of the box would be when the paper covered it. I then creased these lines so that the paper would turn with the edges of the box easier.

My paper was actually too short to make it all the way around so I added a smaller scrap on one of the edges. I used Elmer’s Glue (yes, real artsy) to glue the paper to the box, making sure to press those creased lines along the intended edges and I held the paper in place for a little bit until the glue dried a bit.

To make the flap that comes over the box, I took another scrap piece of BoiLeD BooK paper and trimmed it to fit vertically around the box. The piece actually tucks up the wrapped side of the box, becomes the bottom of the box and then goes up the back of the box until it ends with a flap that folds over the front of the box. Glue. Soooo cute!

Once the glue holds the vertical flap piece in tack, I sewed a button to the box with the intention of that being an anchor to a cord strap for closure of the package.


The micro BoiLeD BooKs accordion journal fits perfectly in the box! But the drawer had a little bit of trouble being pulled out of the box. So, I punched two holes in one end of the drawer and tied a scrap piece of waxed linen thread in as a handle.

…And some doo das to the front to provide a closure and embellishments.


Finally finished! This took a while, so I will NOT be making these for shows, but it was fun; especially when the BoiLeD BooK pops out at you when you open the box.

So very fab!!!



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    1. Yay! Just a note though…remember how excited you were to make the Goddesses and then…how long she took to finish? I think you may want to do Goddesses for friends! This little baby took me 3 hours for some reason! Scraps and tiny…not fun enough to repeat!!!

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