BoiLeD BooKs…The Big Google

BoiLeD BooKs…The Big Google

IMG_8266Every once in a while I will google Boiled BooKs and see what’s out there. There’s only a few of us artists in the world doing making BoiLeD BooKs to the extent I am. It’s exciting to know that I have a niche and that my medium is one that not too many people work with, yet the more exposure the medium gets, the more interest people are in learning the technique and/or shopping for journals.

The uniqueness is what draws me to making BoiLeD BooKs. The use of nature to make the paper stains is enthralling. How do some plants give color and others provide only shape to be outlined by the natural colors released by the surrounding plants? The process is so fun to me. I don’t usually like repetition, but I can sit for hours and repeat the process of designing pages.IMG_7274

I am careful, meditative almost when I design. I know that once my books hit the water, I am at the mercy of the heat and what the cooking process does, but my influence still shines in the finished product.

After creating these pages for so many years, I have discovered a style that is naturally occurring in my pieces. I happened upon this method around 2007 when I was actually dying raw wool; but that’s a story for another time. Just like a painting or a piece of pottery, I can line my BoiLeD BooK pages up and see a fluency in the body of work. I lean toward certain colors and patterns. My book making is specific to a few styles, and my devotion to making my art functional leads me to creating pieces like note cards and artist’s paper sheets for others to take to the next level.

IMG_7955Today’s google search resulted in more hits for BoiLeD BooKS then ever before. Now, granted most of them are my pictures and announcements for special events. Still there are a few others that have ventured into the realm of boiling books, at least as an experiment or adventure. I just made a new art friend by commenting on her blog about her adventure into boiling books. So delighted to meet you Lorena!

It is interesting too, to see different ways others boil books. It shows that there is more than one way to engage in the process. More people spreading the idea of BoiLeD BooKS is also helpful.IMG_8049_3

I am in a catch-22 with my books at the moment. I have an awesome workshop created that I teach at various techniques for handstitching book bindings along with teaching BoiLeD BooKs. I love it, especially since bookbinding is one of the earliest forms of art I remember doing as a young child besides clay and drawing. I had a fantastic childhood of artsy opportunities!

People that are genuinely curious about the Boiling Book process are so excited to journey through the adventure. Still, others don’t quite get the concept and their unfamiliarity with this medium tends to result in “Oh how pretty! That’s interesting.” then they go on, not really grasping the involved process and artistic technique required to turn out such beauty.

Still my passion runs deep and my journey is focused right now. For me, BoiLeD BooKs encompass so much of what I love…art, writing, sharing. IMG_0618

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