Sunshine Above

Sunshine Above

Sunshine Above

Our friend, Lisa, passed away a few weeks ago. I am not at a place that I can talk about it yet, but I have felt this overwhelming need to write, not words to share publicly, but words to reflect upon. Lisa was known to so many of her friends as Sunshine.

Just like the symbol of a heart took on a deeper meaning after Chris survived his heart event, a sunshine now beams down providing more than heat.

IMG_1220Late this evening, I put a question out to the social media world …

What situation/purpose/mood would encourage you to send a handwritten note?

There were wonderful responses…

words of encouragement, thank you, just because, heartfelt sentiment, and so many more.

Then I watched the movie “Everybody’s Fine,” Whew…needed tissues.

I’m inspired by these responses, by the rays of Sunshine giving me a warm embrace, and even by the movie. I am interpreting the feeling that I need to write to mean that I need to write to people…old friends, family, those that have touched my heart.

Perhaps it will just be a hello, perhaps a thank you, perhaps even a remember when, or perhaps it will be just to say “everybody’s fine”… Whatever it’s sentiment, I will be sure to sign it with a heart wrapped in sunshine.Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 1.56.52 AM

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