Video – Dino in the Jungle

Video – Dino in the Jungle

This is “Dino in the Jungle”  – my original mixed media design using my BoiLeD BooKs plant stained papers.

I design my papers with thoughtfulness, paying attention to layout in regards to flower and leaf placement, yet there is a serendipitous effect that results. Much like seeing images in the clouds, the resulting designs present images of wonder. “Dino in the Jungle” was created by this magic.

The face just popped out! I drew the dinosaur by following the lines I “saw” as it’s lovely shape revealed itself to me.

I used ferns, rose petals, and rose leaves to create an earthy BoiLeD BooKs pallet amidst the late dusk sky. Sprigs of paper grass further set the stage as a 3 dimensional piece paying homage to the grand creature and draws the eye to the metal charm in the corner, a skeletal dinosaur figure, reminiscent of what we see in museums. A dream catcher hangs in the balance…an invitation to reflect over the symbolism of dinosaurs.

The result: a gentile rendition of this massive being often associated as a symbol of desires for past days.

My BoiLeD BooKs are often referred to as vintage style, a nostalgic piece of reference to days gone by and beauty found in nature.

“Dino in the Jungle” appeals to that yearn for simple days of the past, of our childhood and of our society. A charming piece of wall art – framed in repurposed barnwood – it is especially lovely for your den, study or any fan of paleontology.

“Dino in the Jungle” and BoiLeD BooKS remind us to take time to engage in the beauty of nature.

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