IMG_1747Rachelle Eason… artist in progress.

That’s what I consider myself and, actually, all of us. I truly believe Life is a Work of Art, so aren’t we all artists in progress?

In 2009, I opened a retail art-as-entertainment venue named Art Blooms. A great business name and mission statement all in one, Art Blooms became an adventure in discovering and releasing one’s creative energy. As I continue to grow as an independent artist, Art Blooms is my mantra to always bloom in my creative colorful journey.

While focusing on my artsy journey and branding my style, I present my art to be shown and sold as well as teach to inspire and encourage others to pursue their own creative expression.

As a lifelong writer and journalist, I embrace art journaling and bookmaking for the writing as much as the art. Stemming from my experience as a former classroom teacher with a Masters of Education, I emphasize art as an important vehicle in learning and living for all ages.

I wish to inspire others, make a lasting impression in their journey, and, above all, be living proof that whatever their goal may be, it is achievable.

Currently I am focusing my entrepreneurial efforts on my line of Boiled Books journals, stationary, and paper. Boiling books is a method of staining paper with plant materials. Made of 100% cotton paper, I design each BoiLeD BooK piece to create lovely color and patterns using fresh leaves, flowers, seeds, and other natural elements. Pressed and boiled for several hours, the papers emerge from the process stained with enchanting beauty…each piece unique.

I travel all around to teach and share my method of paper staining with flowers and leaves in BoiLeD BooK and Bookmaking workshops.

Me in a blurb…I am insanely crazy about tiny houses on wheels, purple gypsy wagons, dark chocolate, EPCOT, the Florida sun, and white sand beaches!

I am a mixed media and fiber artist, a painter, a potter, and a Boiled Book maker… the Chief Imagination Officer at my Art Blooms Studio.
I am living the bohemian life of art shows and studio hopping.

I am Rachelle… an artist, a teacher, an inspirer.

Living, loving, and embracing my dream!



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